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Elementary school where 7 children were killed by tornado ‘couldn’t afford storm shelter’

UK Daily Mail [1]
May 22, 2013

The elementary school in which seven children drowned after a monster tornado barreled through an Oklahoma City suburb on Monday had not built a tornado shelter as they could not afford it, officials have admitted.

There was growing disbelief as cost-cutting state leaders revealed that even after a devastating tornado struck the area 14 years ago, most schools in Oklahoma still had no purpose-built shelters.

And as Moore’s mayor claimed that the death toll could have been over a thousand if so many residents hadn’t been able to hide in underground shelters, it became clear why such a large proportion of the casualties were school children.

In May 1999, the area was ravaged by a fierce tornado that killed 44. Many residents responded by building their own underground tornado shelters at their own expense. But, incredibly, school children were not afforded the same protection.

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