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Environmental rules ‘could cause plane crashes’

David Millward,
London Telegraph [1]
Saturday, Sept 6, 2008

Environmental rules demanding planes burn less fuel could cause pipes to freeze increasing the risk of a devastating crash, it has been warned.

Air accident investigators believe that ice, created when the BA 777 flew across Siberia could have been influential in the plane’s loss of power causing it to crash land at Heathrow in January.

David Reynolds, flight safety officer at the pilots’ union Balpa, has called on regulators to “revisit” the requirements for fuel systems which support low-emissions engines after it was disclosed that a crash landing at Heathrow earlier this year was caused by ice freezing up supply lines to the plane’s engines.

“These rules need to be looked at again. Fuel flow is an import factor in the safe running of an aircraft engine,” he said.

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“With reduced burn, that means that less fuel is circulating, which makes it easier for water to separate and turn into ice.

“In this case this was combined with very low temperatures and perhaps fuel which may have had a bit more water than usual – even though it complied with international standards.

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