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EPA Settlement: Company Must Spend $76,952 to Replace Light Bulbs

Eric Scheiner
CNS News [1]
April 4, 2013

As part of a settlement with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Collins Inc. of Clinton, Iowa has agreed to a “re-lamping” of its facility with low-mercury fixtures at a projected cost of $76,952.

The re-lamping will be a greater expense than the civil penalty to be paid.

“A re-lamping project involving the replacement of high-mercury fluorescent fixtures and bulbs with low-mercury fluorescent fixtures and bulbs at its facility with a projected eligible cost of $76,952.00,” The EPA settlement [2] says.

The “re-lamping” will cost more than the $31,379 administrative civil penalty [3]paid by Collins Inc., a manufacturer of metal racks and shelving brackets for refrigerators.

The EPA filed a complaint against Collins, Inc. after an inspection found the company was storing hazardous waste without a permit and failed to manage used oil in accordance with regulations.

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