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Er… What was that about global warming? Rare iceberg is spotted off sunny Australia

UK Daily Mail [1]
Thursday, Nov 12th, 2009

Australia is known for sunny beaches, surfers, and blistering Outback heat.
So scientists were a bit taken aback when they spotted this giant iceberg floating near an island Down Under.

Climate change of a different sort: A giant iceberg is seen off Macquarie Island halfway between Antarctica and Australia last week. Scientists say it is unusual to see one so far north

Australian Antarctic Division researchers were working on Macquarie Island when they first saw the iceberg last Thursday about about five miles off the island.

It is rare to see an iceberg floating so far north of Antarctica, researchers said. Macquarie Island is about halfway between Antarctica and Australia, some 930 miles from Tasmania.

The iceberg is about 160 feet (50 metres) high and 1,640 feet (500 metres) long.

Full article here [1]

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