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EU Shifting Blame For WWII Away From Hitler?

Never forget that it was Nazis – including Hitler’s top banker – that crafted the ideological foundation and the political steering groups that eventually became the European Union.

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Press TV [3]
Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Russian lawmakers have protested a European resolution that shares the blame for the start of the devastating World War II between Hitler and Stalin.

Last week, the 385-member assembly of the Organization of Security and Cooperation in Europe called for the commemoration of WWII victims on August 23 each year.



Among the 28 resolutions passed by the 18th annual session of the OSCE which opened in Lithuania on June 29, one maintained that both Stalinism and Nazism were responsible for bringing about genocide and crimes against humanity and therefore merited equal censure.

Lawmakers from Russia’s two chambers of parliament issued a statement published on Tuesday that the move was a “direct insult to the memory of millions” of Soviet soldiers who “gave their lives for the freedom of Europe from the fascist yoke,” the Associated Press reported.

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