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Ex-Google employee fears ‘killer robots’ are on the horizon

London Metro [1]
September 16, 2019

A former software engineer at Google has warned that autonomous killer robots could accidentally start a war in the future.

Laura Nolan, who used to work at the tech giant before resigning last year, has called for automated weaponry to be outlawed by international treaties.

She says that artificially intelligent military technology should be outlawed the same way chemical weapons are. Her reasoning is that, unlike a human-controlled drone, an autonomous machine could do something unexpected and end up starting World War 3.

Nolan quit Google in protest after being asked to work on a project to improve the US military’s drone technology. However, there’s no suggestion that Google is building or researching any kind of autonomous killing machine.

Still, Nolan is a vocal member of the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots which talks to the UN in New York and Geneva about this possibility of something like this actually happening.

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