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Exclusive Interview with Billy Best, who Fled Chemotherapy at Age 16 and Beat Hodgkin’s Lympoma

Mike Adams
NaturalNews [1]
Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Even as 13-year-old Daniel Hauser and his family are dealing with the reality of living in a medical police state that labeled them “fugitives from the law” for refusing chemotherapy, another similar case has taken center stage this week: The case of Billy Best.

At age 16, Billy Best was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, just like Daniel Hauser. Also like Daniel Hauser, he was ordered to undergo chemotherapy. After five rounds of chemo — which he describes as nearly killing him — Billy decided chemo wasn’t right for him, and he refused to submit to more chemo.

Fleeing his parents [2] and medical “authorities,” Billy discovered his own natural treatments for cancer [3] with the help of concerned citizens, and by changing his diet and taking these natural remedies [4], he was able to heal cancer and save his own life.

That was fifteen years ago. Today, in sharp contrast to the cancer doctors [5] who claim that teenagers who don’t submit to chemotherapy [6] almost always die, Billy Best is alive and well. He joined me for an exclusive interview today to discuss his experience with chemotherapy and health [7] freedom. You can listen to the full interview (32 minutes) here: http://www.naturalnews.com/Index-Po… [8]



Quotes from Billy Best

Below you’ll find some of what Billy Best offered during this interview.

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Words from Billy Best, chemotherapy survivor and former fugitive from the law for daring to treat his own cancer using natural remedies:

“After five rounds [of chemo] I lost my hair, lost a lot of weight… you smell different, you feel like a toxic experiment. It’s not pleasant at all. I didn’t have faith in the therapy and I thought that the chemo was going to kill me. I didn’t know about alternative medicine [10]. The doctors said the only way you treat cancer is chemo, radiation and surgery. I didn’t want the surgery. They wanted to take out my spleen even though it didn’t have cancer.”

“I think that God made me with a spleen, do I’d like to keep it.”

“I was getting so desperate that I left my parents a note, told them that I had to leave because I felt like chemo was killing me instead of helping me.”

“My parents said if I came home, I didn’t have to go back on chemo because they found out about a bunch of new different ways to treat cancer naturally.”

“So I changed my diet so I wasn’t eating red meat, white flour, sugar or dairy products. Just pretty basic guidelines. A lot of vegetables. I also did a tea called ESSIAC tea, it’s got a lot of nutrients in it, it also helps to clean toxins out of your body. But the main therapy I found, the one that I ended up using that saved my life was called 714-X and it’s from Canada. It’s a solution of camphor, nitrogen and mineral salts, and you inject it into your lymphatic system.”

“Conventional medicine has failed us, in so many ways.”

“With this Danny Hauser case, I can’t believe that, to me the way I see it is that the authorities are saying we know what’s best for you and we can force it on you.”