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Exercising First Amendment Now “Vandalism” As Corporate Media Attacks Obama Joker Contest

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Florida news station attempts to chill free speech and intimidate political activists by claiming that putting up flyers is a criminal offense

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com
Wednesday, August 12, 2009

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In an effort to chill freedom of speech and intimidate people from exercising their first amendment rights, the establishment media is claiming that posting flyers in public places represents vandalism and is a criminal offense, despite the fact that such practice has been commonplace in America for hundreds of years.

A WFTV news report about the Infowars Obama Joker poster contest does its best to manufacture artificial outrage that President Obama, whose entire agenda is being ferociously opposed at town hall events across the country, and whose popular approval is sinking in polls, has been “disrespected” by the posters despite the fact that satirical lampooning of political figures is an integral part of American history.

The two separate video reports put out by WFTV concentrate on one instance where the posters were placed in an inappropriate place, a post office mailbox, while ignoring the hundreds of other perfectly legal and legitimate locations where the posters have been put up, and indeed the tone of the entire piece suggests that it is illegal and an act of “vandalism” to put up flyers at all.

In that case, the millions of flyers plastered up on light poles, telephone poles, trees and other public areas across the country each year must also represent an act of vandalism. Want your neighbors to help you find a lost cat by putting up a flyer? You’re a vandal. Want to advertise a garage sale? You’re a criminal, according to the definition of “vandalism” concocted by WFTV.

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The media only seized upon this story when they could flag up the fact that a few posters were placed on a mailbox, while ignoring the hundreds of other locations where they could be seen for the last week. This clearly represents agenda-driven bias and calculated editorial spin aimed at demonizing people who dare question Obama’s saintly image – which is a proven manufactured hoax because as all the polls show, his actual approval ratings are sinking even faster than those of Bush.

Of course, this has nothing to do with concerns about “vandalism” and everything to do with the establishment trying to protect the fast diminishing God-like image of the anointed one – Barack Hussein Obama. This is about chilling free speech and intimidating people against exercising their first amendment right to simply put up a flyer espousing their political opinion.

According to the definition implied by the establishment media, placing all of these signs is a criminal offense.

As our contest rules clearly state, “Obama Joker posters should be posted in public commons where other fliers, public announcements, handbills, etc., are posted. Please do not post on federal or private property as this will be considered vandalism and will be counterproductive and diminish the message of the Obama Joker poster.”

Posting flyers on telephone and light poles is not a criminal offense, it’s called the first amendment.

The corporate media has also attempted to claim that the posters are racist, despite the fact that Obama is being depicted as a fictional character from the Batman comic book, just as George W. Bush was characterized as the joker before him.

There were no cries of racism when Bush was satirized as the Joker nor when he was characterized as a blood-sucking vampire and nor should there have been – this has nothing to do with racism, it’s about freedom of speech.

When George W. Bush was depicted as a blood-sucking vampire and the Joker, there were no cries of racism.

The establishment plays the race card over and over again to divide the people, distract them from government corruption and get us at each other’s throats. They are the real racists because they are promulgating racism and exploiting it for their own ends.

Residents of Clermont and WFTV may not realize it, but political satire and parody have a long history dating back well before the author Jonathan Swift wrote his A Modest Proposal in 1729. Political cartoons were instrumental in the American Revolutionary War. Scathing political cartoons appeared in Ben Franklin’s newspaper The Pennsylvania Gazette and the Massachusetts Centinel. In the 1870s, cartoonist Thomas Nast published a series of illustrations lampooning the Tammany Ring, the Democratic Party political machine that played a major role in controlling New York City politics.

The Obama as Joker meme fits in that esteemed tradition — and may be considered “subvertisement” of a popular Hollywood movie as well — but then history is lost on a dumbed-down public all too ready to fawn and grovel at the feet of political leaders who betray them at every turn.

Indeed, the point is to “deeply offend” the sensibilities and get people to think about what Obama stands for and the people he represents.

Our rulers were shrewd when they selected Obama to be president — they understood the politically correct mechanism at work in American society, an ethic inculcated over the last three decades. It will now be considered a racist crime to criticize and parody Barack Obama. How long before this criticism and disagreement becomes a punishable crime?

This article was posted: Wednesday, August 12, 2009 at 10:38 am

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