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Eyewitness in Illinois Reports High Radiation Levels on Forsythia Bush

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R.E. Sutherland, M.Ed./sciences
Prison Planet.com
Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Via email….

Last week, my Illinois source called me and was concerned about the contamination or radiation in his area .  He had a friend who owned a scanner for alpha, beta and gamma.  After discussing  with me the best way to check around the house, he proceeded to familiarize himself with the instrument and take readings.

FACT: Last week there was no radiation found around the house.

FACT: Yesterday, April 26, 2011, he found radiation, and the highest level of radiation was on a Forsythia bush, which was 0.17 milliSievert.  That amount is equal to 17 milliRem


0.17 milliSv x 1,000 = 170 microSV

170 microSV divided by 10 = 17 milliRem

  • A d v e r t i s e m e n t

To place this reading into perspective, one can compare it to the procedures in the government’s nuclear facilities.

FACT: In a nuclear laboratory, a lab tech must immediately leave the lab, if a reading above 5 mRem is detected and must report to their manager for instructions about how to proceed.  Also, trained radiological workers across the government complexes are limited by their managing companies to a total of 500 mRem per YEAR.  They wear dosimeters at all times, which are collected quarterly.  Their accumulated dose is checked and documented for each worker.

FACT: Contrast the lab tech with the amount of radiation in which radiological protection inspectors may work.  Levels  of radiation as high as 50 to 100 mRem per HOUR are allowed under very strict procedures and time limits that control the work.  (The limit will vary depending on the work that must be performed, so higher limits are possible.) All radiological workers are taught how to stay in the Low Dose Areas as much as they can, when working in the Radiation and High Radiation areas.

FACT: Office workers on  nuclear sites are limited to 100 mRem per YEAR.

FACT: The 17 mRem in Illinois can only be contributed to beta-gamma.  The Forsythia bush was wet from the recent rainfall.  Water shields alpha, so the instrument could not detect alpha, if it was present.

The person did not use the Beta shield on the instrument, so he was not able to report separate levels of beta and gamma.

It is reasonable to assume that the rain brought down Cesium, and maybe Strontium, as predicted by other nuclear experts.  Both emit Beta and Gamma radiation as they decay.  The type of emitter must be determined by laboratory analysis.

FACT: Cesium-137 has a half life of 30.07 years.  Strontium isotopes, which are all created during fission, have varying half lives with the longest being 28.78 years.

FACT: Plutonium would emit alpha and gamma.

SOURCE: Nuclides and Isotopes, 15th Edition – Chart of the Nuclides.

CAUTION: As the Illinois area dries out from the rain, then there is potential for airborne contamination with radiation.  Also, people and their pets will track the contamination into their homes.  Babies and small children who play on the floor will pick up the contamination on their hands and bodies.   Babies normally put their hands into their mouths.  This will cause internal contamination.  Children who play and then eat with contaminated hands will consume contamination.  If there are airborne substances outside, then they will inhale the contamination, especially since they are closer to the ground levels, where rain is evaporating.  Adults will also inhale the airborne contamination.

NOTE: This morning, the EPA real-time radiation monitoring site reports that both of its Illinois monitors are presently down and experiencing “technical difficulty.”

LINK to EPA radiation monitoring site:  http://www.epa.gov/japan2011/rert/radnet-data-map.html

DISCLAIMER: This report is given by a scientist who is concerned for the safety of fellow Americans.  It is not intended to accuse or make claims about anyone or any entity.  The intention is to help save lives from damage to radiological contamination and radiation.  Readers are encouraged and expected to perform due diligence, verify the information, check the calculations, and draw their own conclusions.  This reporter is assuming protection under the Bill of Rights First Amendment with Freedom of the Press.  Of course, if there is no U.S. Constitution, then God-given rights to live freely are invoked, declared, and assumed active.  The highest command to “love one another” is in practice, and this reporter is under heavenly Estate protection.  END.

This article was posted: Wednesday, April 27, 2011 at 6:12 am

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