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Fabled Enemies: A New Film By Loose Change Filmmaker Jason Bermas

Seven years after 9/11, the supposed mastermind behind the attacks is still at large, and the nation is entrenched in multiple wars in the Middle East.

Is Bin Laden the evil behind the attack or a mere front man in a larger picture, a Bogeyman?

We are told we are fighting a War on Terror, and that the Terrorists hate us for our freedom. If that is the case, why do our leaders take more and more of those freedoms away every day?

Featuring interviews with:
Michael J. Springman – Visa Dept. Jeddah Saudi Arabia
Cynthia McKinney – Former Member of Congress
Bo Dietl – Former N.Y.P.D Detective
Barry Jennings – World Trade Center 7 Survivor
Joe Biden – U.S. Senator DE


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What People Are Saying About Fabled Enemies

“Awesome film!!! this breaks everything down and is loaded with msm clips, so it will be great to show your sheeple friends, family and co-workers and hopefully get the message across.”

“Masterful Job Jason. This is the best film that I have seen regarding 9/11. HANDS DOWN.”

“Bermas did a great job. All the info was put together nicely.”

“Very, very good film, congratulations Bermas! You gotta really pay attention to all that is presented! This film drove home too me why, I will and do want to fight for my freedom, not just for me or my family but all of my brothers and sisters that are true Americans, salt of the earth Americans who are unplugged!!”

“I’m halfway through and gotta say this is oustanding.”

“Simply amazing job Bermas, can’t wait for the next one you produce with Alex.”

“Halfway through now and its pretty damn interesting lots of new footage not just a rearrangment of clips you’ve already seen in different movies. 5 stars.”