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Facebook Bans User Who Posted Audio Of CNN Producer Cold-Calling Kavanaugh Classmate

BLP [1]
Sept 27, 2018

Facebook has decided to censor evidence that CNN producer Scott Bronstein is cold-calling Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s former classmates in a bid to dig up dirt on the President Trump pick.

Mark Zuckerberg’s platform has also decided to ban the user who posted the audio.

“This is what happens when you post an actual recording of a CNN producer’s dirty journalism on Facebook. #banned [2] So wrong!,” tweeted Amy Dryden [3], who posted the Bronstein clip on Facebook after a friend sent it to her.

Dryden also made clear that the number Bronstein provided on the audiotape was not Bronstein’s personal number, writing:

“For critics saying FB banned me for leaving CNN producers tel # in his VM I posted…my friends he called have unpublished #. He found it, invading their privacy, and has been calling them all week. Tel # in video of VM I posted was a CNN tel #- NOT producers personal #.”

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