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Facebook Censoring Some Alternative News Sites While Allowing Hackers To Attack Others

Alexander Higgins
The Intel Hub [1]

Facebook now appears to be censoring some alternative news sites while allowing hackers to go after others. It is no wonder they lost 6 Million users [2] in the US last month.

I recently talked to Alex Thomas from The Intel Hub [3] who was listed as an honorable mention inthe top 10 most influential people in alternative media [4] list published by Activist Post. [5]

I am frequently a guest contributor on the site and during our conversation he told me that Facebook is starting to ban articles from the site. At that point I figured most likely his account was flagged and left it at that.

Lo and behold, top item in Reddit’s [6] conspiracy section right now is this.

Facebook Not Allowing Users To Share Articles From The Intel Hub

So it is not just Alex’s account that has been banned but other users are also being censored from sharing Intel Hub articles.

Read the full article and learn about how Alexander Higgins’ site was hacked [1]

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