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Facebook faces a consumer backlash over security concerns as bloggers urge users to ‘kill’ their accounts

UK Daily Mail
May 15, 2010

Facebook has been at the forefront of online communications for the last three years.

But the social networking site is in the midst of a public relations crisis amid concerns about its security.

So strong is the tide of ill-feeling that some online bloggers are now advising their readers to ditch the website and ‘kill’ off their accounts.

The backlash comes as Facebook yesrterday announced the launch of new security features to combat malicious attacks, scams and spam.

It remains to be seen whether this is a case of too little, too late.

Peter Rojas, the co-founder of respected gadget site Gdgt.com, announced this week that he had shut his Facebook account down.

He explained to ABC News: ‘I was spending more time managing my account than actually using my account.

‘Having to constantly monitor the privacy settings was way too complicated. You can never be sure if you actually caught everything.’

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