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False Flag Terror! They Will Use It Unless We Wake Up and Expose It!

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Neil Foster
Sovereign Independent
Sept 17, 2010

False Flag Terrorism  has been mentioned on this site in a number of articles as well as in our latest printed paper. With the announcement that the so called ‘Real IRA’ are to carry out attacks on British bankers it seems obvious to myself and others that this is to be the catalyst for such false flags in the UK to bring about a state of fear in the public psyche and will bring about the implimentation of martial law in Britain.

We’ve already seen the reports from the British Ministry of Defence highlighting their expectations of riots and civil disobedience which they say will last 30 years, yep 30 years!


Apparently they’ve become psychics when they can, not only predict the future of society, but also what society will look like although they seem unable to change their predictions of a history mired in civil conflict.

If they’re so clever and have the best brains working all this stuff out, then why is that they can’t come up with any solutions?

The answer is simple and should be obvious to everyone with a modicum of intelligence left to enable them to think for themselves.


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Of course it’s planned and that’s why they know people will riot as things deteriorate and society collapses into further degradation. However, this can be stopped if we only start to recognise who the real enemy is. The government, whether red, blue, yellow or a sickenly bile churning green, we should recognise that NOTHING has improved in society regardless of the impression that money is being made by one and all.

Nothing could be further from the truth and it’s obvious to me as I return to places I knew in the inner city of Edinburgh as a boy, 35 years ago. These places are still exactly as they were with a growing and deliberately created ‘underclass’ living in squalid conditions unfit for human beings. Crime is rampant with drugs and prostitution the norm.

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Unfortunately the next tier of society sees this group as below them in the social peeking order and depises them despite the fact that they have more in common with this group than they’d care to admit and absolutely nothing in common with the next teir or class within society, and so it goes on with each group being propagandised to despise those below them.

We see TV ‘talk shows’ where the lowest strata are perched on a stage to have their 15 minutes of fame in front of an audience who are not in any way part of their world who laugh and ridicule the ‘actors’.

Divide and rule has been a sucessful weapon throughout history and we’re being suckered into the same situation over and over again by those who CONTROL society. These are the people behind the curtain, not out puppet politicians, so you’re WASTING YOUR TIME talking to these traitors.

We need to stand together peacefully in massive numbers and let it be known that WE as HUMAN BEINGS have had enough of being treated like cattle!

This article was posted: Friday, September 17, 2010 at 3:41 am

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