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FBI Cordon Off Neighborhood to Search Executed Driver’s Condo for Anti-government Material

Political views figure prominently in investigation of reportedly mentally ill woman

Kurt Nimmo
Prison Planet.com
October 4, 2013

Executed mother Miriam Carey. Photo: Facebook [1]

Executed mother Miriam Carey. Photo: Facebook

The FBI employed a bomb squad, a hazardous material team and helicopters when they searched Miriam Carey’s condominium in Stamford, Connecticut on Thursday.

Carey was executed by police after briefly eluding them following an encounter at a police state checkpoint outside the White House. The incident resulted in a lockdown of Congress and a “shelter in place” order on Capitol Hill.

Stamford resident Eric Bredow told News 19 WLTV [2] an FBI bomb squad arrived at his building and a helicopter swooped overhead. Other residents were ordered to evacuate and were told they would not be allowed to return home for hours or overnight.

CNN reported [3] the condominium complex remained cordoned off on Friday.

On Friday, the FBI and local law enforcement said they did not find firearms or “evidence that [Carey] was angry with the government,” The Courant [4] reported.