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Fears of Taser overuse as children and the elderly are targeted by police stun guns

Jack Doyle and Stephen Wright
UK Daily Mail [1]
May 30, 2010

Tasers are being used on elderly people and children, figures revealed on Friday.

Hundreds of teenagers and more than 40 pensioners have been fired at or threatened by police armed with the electric stun weapons.

Among those hit with a 50,000-volt shock were a frail 89-year-old man and a girl aged just 14.

The figures raised fears the weapons may be being overused.

Critics warned they were ‘potentially lethal’ and could be more dangerous when targeted against vulnerable people.

Each gun delivers a powerful electric bolt along copper wires linked to two darts which can travel up to 25ft.

It overrides the central nervous system and causes uncontrollable muscle contractions, making the suspect collapse.

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