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Fed/Discovery Channel to show new JFK Warren Omission Magic Bullet Theory

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Friday, November 14, 2008

With a huge budget from Federal Reserve controlled trusts, the Discovery Channel has prepared yet another deviously contrived propaganda hit piece to add to the disgusting, shameful and yet still secret Warren Omission coverup of the Pentagon/MI6/CIA Fed Bankster and GE/Rockefeller JFK Assassination. This time they have cleverly obtained a replica of the famed ’61 Lincoln Bubbletop touring convertible limousine and are attempting vainly to prove from false testimony, falsified forensic reports and ignored evidence that the innocent patsy Oswald firing from the Book Depository where George H W Bush was stationed on the lookout might have possibly produced the type of major head trauma (inflicted by CIA pranksters to the corpse afterwards) thus laying the supposed ‘conspiracy theories’ they so dread to rest once again on yet another sadly and shamefully despoiled anniversary of the legendary leaders public execution by the Tory/Whig Crime Cabal.

This time they are attempting to show that the manually carved-out falsified forehead wounds, rather than the deadly frontal bullet impact that forced his head back and blew the back of his skull out could “have only been caused by a magic bullet from the back’.


Furthermore they appear to have staged rifles at other locations firing from the grassy knoll and other ill-defined and conveniently mis-chosen positions supposedly aligned to test dummies by some sort of ‘laser’ voodoo to show that the bullets would have hit the cars window frame (one did! but they ignore this fact) and make no mention of the body being missing and mysteriously repackaged, the original coroners reports of quite different looking wounds only to the back of the president’s head and a multitude of other pertinent information is ignored and or set aside to showboat yet some more speculative and phony ‘new’ type of voodoo neo-forensic ‘science’!


Their non-theory non-science rests on some new voodoo ‘blood splatter’ theories that totally ignore the huge chunk of Jack’s brain that even Jacqueline herself vainly tried to catch before it flew and fell off the back of the trunk lid and is so ludicrous it’s an insulting near-criminal accessory after the fact abomination.

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How shameful it is that they must desecrate the horror of this immense tragedy and President Kennedy’s great sacrifice for peace, honest money and freedom yet once again to slap all of America’s and Vietnam’s victims in the face once again while pissing on the fabulous legacy of this greatest American hero.

Seems we will have to bear yet another sad Festival of Injustice to mark this major anniversary of this ever haunting great tragedy once again!  Parties concerned may be interested in getting this program rated as pornography unsuitable for children.

This article was posted: Friday, November 14, 2008 at 11:08 am

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