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Tech Giants Throw Weight Behind Legislation Which Would ACTUALLY Rein In NSA Spying

Feinstein Introduces Trojan Horse

Washington’s Blog [1]
November 1, 2013

The head of the Senate Intelligence Committee – NSA shill Diane Feinstein – introduced a Trojan Horse of a bill today which pretends it reins in the NSA, but would actually legalize bulk surveillance on Americans [2].

Image: Wikimedia Commons.

But the tech giants just threw their support behind a real reform bill.  Specifically, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Yahoo, Facebook and AOL put their support behind the USA Freedom Act [3] … the bill introduced by Senator Leahy and Congressman Sensenbrenner to start reining in the NSA for real [4].

The tech giants aren’t supporting the bill out of the goodness of their hearts, but because cooperating with the NSA has cost them tens of billions of dollars [5]. And see this [6].