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FEMA Corps To Be Brownshirts For Homeland Security Emergency Response?

Aaron Dykes
March 17, 2012

“We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.” Barack Obama, 2008

Homeland Security has announced the creation of a new FEMA corps to tap volunteers for disaster/emergency responses. The program is a partnership between FEMA and the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS), itself managed under the Homeland Security umbrella.

The Department of Homeland Security plans [1] to start with 1,600 volunteers dispatched across the country and specially trained to provide “critical disaster services” during an emergency response. Volunteers are not FEMA employees, but will wear branded uniform clothing and will be directed by FEMA [2]. DHS boasts that the entry level positions will prepare these trainees for careers in the ever-bloating disaster response bureaucracy.

While this new unit may seem innocuous and even advisable in the context of helping after natural disasters (despite the abuses seen after Hurricane Katrina), the FEMA Corps takes on much more ominous overtones when one considers their likely roles under Homeland Security’s plans and provisions for responding to other disasters– states of emergency over man-made disasters (false flags for instance), economic instability, pandemics, social unrest or the like.

Further, greater federal control through FEMA has proved disastrously inefficient [3] in its own right. The failures of the feds at Hurricane Katrina are legendary. Less known are other cases, such as the fires that spread across Bastrop, Texas last year. FEMA was caught preventing [4] numerous local bonafide fire fighters and emergency responders from giving aid [5] or helping locals.

Yet, the Washington Times praises [6] the Bastrop fires response as an example of what federally-directed volunteer corps can do:

The germ of the idea formed last year after FEMA’s deputy director Richard Serino observed AmeriCorps volunteers performing disaster relief work following a tornado in Joplin, Mo., and a fire in Bastrop, Tex.

Candidate Barack Obama promised a civilian security force powerful enough to address national security objectives, but what objectives does that mean? Is it just cleaning up after tornadoes, as in Joplin, MO [7] or something more? What agenda would these minion-volunteers, like the newly created FEMA corps, serve?


Homeland Security, and its subsidiary divisions like FEMA, have been busy preparing for the collapse of civilization. And their plans, cloaked in secrecy and positively-weighted administrative buzzwords, aims to contain, not empower the American people [8].

Not only have Homeland Security and its propaganda allies been blanketing law enforcement [9] with memos demonizing a wide range of ordinary Americans as potential terrorists [10], it has been building a larger “emergency” response to the larger growing resistance to total system-wide government corruption.

In fact, the government’s emergency response plans– known under terms like Continuity of Government (COG) and other terms [11], are so secret, not even Congress can read the pertinent details [12].

KBR, among others, has been exposed in their efforts to bid out contractors for live FEMA camps [13] for use in emergencies. KBR received a contract in 2006 to build these camps. Since Rex 84, the government has secretly been preparing [14] under countless plans for detainment facilities to be used in emergencies including a mass influx of immigrants and/or the suspension of lawful Constitutional government.

Homeland Security cooperates with thousands of organizations to spy [15] on and monitor Americans [16]— online, in public, at airports and transport hubs, at protests– basically everywhere. Meanwhile, Homeland Security has ignored the will of the people to reign in abusive agencies like the TSA.

In short, Homeland Security has lost sight of any reasonable mission to protect America under its original mandate.

What then, will disaster response volunteers under FEMA corps serve? No doubt, it will tap thousands of dedicating, well-meaning activist volunteers. But history shows their effort will be futile because the federal top-down approach is focused on funding and greater power. Enforcing the dangerous designs of FEMA and Homeland Security could make for brownshirts in the service of tyranny long before it could make heroic rescuers out of this new corps.

The truth is FEMA corps– mandated with supporting the public and engaging them with information– is more likely to parrot the fed’s message ushering displaced victims into the FEMA centers and tracking systems than they are to enable a sensible local response.