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Feminist Writer Won’t Allow A White Man To Help With Her Luggage

Daily Caller [1]
August 7, 2019

Caroline Rothstein, a writer for BuzzFeed, Marie Claire and Cosmo — no relation to me, I hope — was proud of herself for recently stopping a white man from helping her with her luggage on an airplane.

On Monday, she tried to explain herself because her terrible tweet is still getting reactions from the masses. “I clearly miscalculated the impact this Tweet would have,” she wrote. “…My Tweet was meant to be tongue and cheek but clearly that was not at all the impact…”

Sorry, what tongue? What cheek?

More Monday self-quarterbacking from Rothstein: “Def not what I intended for what I thought was a quick throwaway Tweet days ago I thought no one saw. But 20K comments later, thousands more on several other Tweets, and dozens of hate/death threat emails/messages (antisemitic, racist, sexist, etc.) later, it’s been…not great.”

The feminist writer, poet and performer was nearly universally mocked for her comment.

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