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WND Exclusive
Feminists joke about
roasting babies

Trendy magazine's online political forum goes south on abortion

Posted: January 23, 2003
1:00 a.m. Eastern


"Roast baby?" "Baby margaritas?" "Bloody baby marys?" These are the sassy intrigues of participants in a discussion about abortion on the website of an international feminist magazine.

Bust magazine styles itself as a hip "girl" resource with a website that offers a "lounge," or discussion forum.

A WND reader who has contributed for about three years to a politics forum on the site, called "As the World Turns," said he recently has become "absolutely shocked by the statements I've read there, of feminists so jaded that they are freely joking about eating dead babies, and of the many ways that they could cook up their own abortions and dine on them."

Earlier this month, a contributor who goes by "isobel123," wrote that "the problem with adoption is, we really enjoy killing babies and would hate to have to miss out on that. We love squishing their little baby heads and watching their little baby brains come out their little baby eyesockets as their little chubby baby arms writhe helplessly in little chubby baby pain."

Last Thursday, "charliebaby," in response to a previous post, wrote "your roast baby sounds like a wonderful thanksgiving/christmas dinner. mmmmmmmm..... "

"Lilacwhine," on Jan. 15, wrote of sipping a martini and twirling "the dead baby around in it."

"Charliebaby" responded that "of course there are baby margeritas! [sic] but you really must try the bloody baby marys!"

"It's a weakness we feminists have, us and our baby killing," wrote "dinaofdoom."

A poster called "angstgrrl" offered a poem:

"I kill children
I love to see them die
I kill children
And make their mamas cry
Crush 'em under my car
I wanna hear them scream
Feed 'em poison candy
To spoil their Halloween

So your're in the kids' ward
You're in there cos you're ill
How about some Pavulon
So I can see you chill

Time to hit the scool bus
I think I'll shoot the tires
Offer them a helping hand
Of open telephone wires"

A review of Bust's quarterly print publication on, praising its "professional quality" and "amazing content," said it's what "MS magazine was supposed to be."

"With the edginess and energy of a home-grown 'zine, but the look and readability of a mainstream magazine, Bust does a great job of capturing what modern young women are thinking and caring about," the reviewer said.

Another Epinions reviewer said, "In an effort to make feminism appeal to young women, Bust Magazine has unknowingly fallen into the same trap that the likes of every young women's magazine today has fallen into, with the exception of B*tch Magazine. From cover to cover, profanity runs rampant, and hypersexuality is a common theme. Although feminism promotes sexuality, and the right to say what you need to, Bust has over used this aspect to appeal to a mainstream audience."

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