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Financial meltdown prevents Iran war

Press TV [1]
Wednesday, Oct 22, 2008

Global financial crisis has made it highly unlikely for the US or Israel to take a military action against Iran to halt its nuclear program.

Sam Gardiner, a retired US Air Force colonel who runs war games for government agencies, says that a set of recent developments including the financial meltdown has overhauled the Washington’s agenda.

He noted that the Russian-Georgian conflict and the US military operations on the Pakistan-Afghanistan are also among the factors that have changed the American agenda.

“The consensus among American decision-makers is that bombing Iran is not the path to pursue right now. I see players being more and more cautious about the consequences to fragile economies of an oil spike,” Gardiner said, Reuters reported.

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Mark Stoker, a defense economist at the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London also says that any military action on Iran is unlikely.

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“It stands to reason that it (an offensive against Iran) would be expensive, and they (US forces) are already doing a lot,” Stoker said.

Diplomats and analyst warn that any attack on Iran would risk triggering a greater crisis should Tehran halt its oil exports.

Some analysts had earlier predicted that Israel could attack Iran after the November 4 US election but before President Bush’s successor takes office.

“We have made it clear that an offensive option against Iran is not something we want contemplated at this time,” said a US diplomat who has had extensive dealings with Israel.

Iran, a signatory to the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), says it has never sought a nuclear weapon, stressing that weapons of mass destruction have no place in its defensive doctrine.