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Floridans protest Iran war buildup

Press TV [1]
Monday, Sept 1, 2008

Hundreds of Florida residents have taken to the streets to protest against the prospect of a United States military strike on Iran.

Up to 500 people from across the state marched from Front Street Park to Melbourne City Hall, chanting ‘Peace, Now’, Florida Today reported on Sunday.

The rally, called Florida’s First Mass March to Stop War on Iran, was similar to a Saturday protest led by Brevard Patriots for Peace.

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The protests come amid a wave of demonstrations across the states as concern grows about a war with the Middle Eastern nation.

“We were misled into one war and we don’t want it to happen again… Sitting at home and complaining doesn’t do anything,” said Ray Myers, a demonstrator.

Co-organizer of the event, Jeff Nall also said, ‘This just shows we will not tolerate another war… This shows people are committed to peace and justice.’

Meanwhile, World War II veteran Bud Holle, of Riverview held up a sign that read ‘Honor the Warrior, Not the War’.