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FNC’s Hilton Points Out Dems’ Double Standard on Sexual Assault Claims

Newsbusters [1]
September 25, 2018

During Sunday’s The Next Revolution, host Steve Hilton accused the Democrats for their double standard when it came to expressing outrage over sexual assault and/or misconduct allegations. According to Hilton, Democrats have turned #MeToo into #NotYou “if you have been assaulted by a Democrat…if you threaten the left’s political power.”

He continued that “if you are a woman who has a credible claim against a Democrat on the ballot this November, the message is clear: shut up sister, and don’t rock the boat.”

Hilton began by asserting that “everyone, regardless of political affiliation, should obviously be against sexual abuse and violence” and “if we are going to fight, as we should, for gender equality and women’s rights, we shouldn’t just be against sexual abuse, we should speak up against it and insist that all victims are heard and respected. But that basic principle of social justice has been abandoned by Democrats as they put partisan politics ahead of women’s rights.”

Hilton contrasted Democratic reactions to the allegation of sexual misconduct against Brett Kavanaugh with those concerning a claim against fellow Democrat, DNC co-chair, Minnesota Congressman, and Minnesota AG candidate Keith Ellison. He sarcastically asked, “Of course, Democrat leaders, because they have such a strong principled commitment to women’s rights, would insist that both cases are treated the same, right?”

Reacting to a clip of Democratic California Senator Kamala Harris’s statement on Ellison, Hilton opined: “The DNC investigating it? Imagine if Chuck Grassley said that about the Brett Kavanaugh case. ‘Don’t worry, we’ve got the RNC looking into it.’” Clearly, the combined chorus of the Democrats and their enablers in the media would have erupted in outrage.

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