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Forget a resume! Face-scanning AI scores candidates’ facial movements, words and voice to determine how qualified they are for a job position

Daily Mail [1]
October 24, 2019

Your resume may not be the only deciding factor in landing your next job – it could be an ’employability score’ created by artificial intelligence that has the final vote.

More than 100 big name firms are using HireVue’s AI-driven assessment, which is technology that ranks candidates based on their facial movements, choice of words and speaking voice.

Although employers can pursue any candidate, some have told The Washington Post [2] that they usually focus on those the computer system liked best — leading some experts to question how bias the process may be.

HireVue’s technology is employed by many large name companies such as Hilton Hotels, Unilever and Goldman Sachs, according to The Washington Post [2].

And with hundreds of applications flooding in for just a single position, the AI has made it easy for human employers to find the perfect candidate what i- but some experts believe the technology can do more harm than good.

Meredith Whittaker, a co-founder of the AI Now Institute, a research center in New York, said, ‘It’s a profoundly disturbing development that we have proprietary technology that claims to differentiate between a productive worker and a worker who isn’t fit, based on their facial movements, their tone of voice, their mannerisms.’

‘It’s pseudoscience. It’s a license to discriminate,’ she added.

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