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Former cricket captain turned politician Imran Khan detained and ‘interrogated over drone views’ by U.S. immigration

Peter Beaumont
The Observer [1]
Oct 28, 2012

Former cricket captain turned politician detained on flight from Canada to New York to be questioned over his views on jihad.

Imran Khan, the former Pakistan cricket captain turned politician, was taken off an international flight from Canada to New York and questioned by US immigration officials over his views on drone strikes and jihad.

Khan, who has been at the forefront of a high-profile campaign as leader of the Pakistan Movement for Justice party (PTI) to end US drone strikes in northern Pakistan, had been in Canada to give a speech and was on his way to a fundraising dinner in the US on Friday.

Khan recently attempted to lead a high-profile march into south Waziristan which included US peace activists from the Code Pink group with some 15,000 of his supporters.

He claims that the drone strikes kill large numbers of innocent civilians – a claim denied by the US.

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