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Former New York Governor Mario Cuomo admits regarding 9/11 that “maybe I should give it more thought”

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Tuesday, Oct 14, 2008


Rough Transcript:

Nate from We Are Change RI: “Governor, do you support a new investigation into 9/11?”

Governor Cuomo: “You know it would be nice to have one because there are a lot of open questions, but I think before you do that, we have so many other things to devote our attention to. I wouldn’t do it at this point. We don’t need any new issues”

Nate: “You don’t think so, because 70 percent of the victims’ families questions were never answered by the Commission Report. (..yeah..) And Building 7 I’m sure you know about it.. (..yeah..) There were three buildings that fell that day. Building 7 is not even mentioned in the Commission…”

G.C.: “Yeah.”

Nate: “How can we justify that?”

G.C.: “We can’t.”

Nate: “And how come nobody’s been held accountable. And it’s all our domestic and foreign policy.”

G.C.: “Maybe I should give it more thought.”

Nate: “Please do. Please do. The victims’ families really need you to look into it.”