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Former NSA Head: Disclosure of Spy Program Does Not Hurt National Security

Embarrassment By People In Government Who Have Been Caught Breaking the Law – Not National Security – Is the Reason Politicians and Intelligence Agencies Are Going After Whistleblower

Washington’s Blog [1]
June 11, 2013

The former head of the National Security Agency’s global digital data gathering program – William Binney – confirms what Glenn Greenwald and other civil libertarians say: the disclosure of widespread spying on Americans doesn’t help terrorists or otherwise hurt national security, but is simply an embarrassment to people in government who have been caught breaking the law:

The terrorists have already known that we’ve been doing this for years, so there’s no surprise there. They’re not going to change the way they operate just because it comes out in the U.S. press. I mean, the point is, they already knew it, and they were operating the way they would operate anyway. So, the point is that they’re—we’re not—the government here is not trying to protect it from the terrorists; it’s trying to protect it, that knowledge of that program, from the citizens of the United States.

Remember, Obama has prosecuted more whistleblowers than all other presidents combined [2] … even though many of those whistleblowers have helped national security [3]by revealing wrongdoing by our government.