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Founding Father and Continental Army Surgeon General predicted the medical tyranny of today

Mike Bundrant
Natural News [1]
Jan 22, 2013

Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution, the time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship to restrict the art of healing to one class of men and deny equal privileges to others; the Constitution of the Republic should make a special privilege for medical freedoms as well as religious freedom.

– Benjamin Rush (1746-1813)

Benjamin Rush was a signer of the Declaration of Independence and Surgeon General to the Continental Army. He was also a pioneer in psychiatry, interestingly.

If he were alive today, he’d probably be sick.

If there were ever a “class of men” and women who fulfill his eerie prediction, it would be psychiatrists.

Psychiatrists pretend they are uniquely qualified to treat mental and emotional issues, even though they don’t understand these very issues. They don’t understand how the mind works. They don’t understand family systems. They don’t understand communication dynamics. They don’t even spend much time with their patients!

The psychiatrists who do understand these crucial mental health issues have gotten training outside of medical school and must break with tradition in order to practice.

Given their utter lack of ability to treat mental issues – other than with that which does not heal – you’d wonder why they are so adamant in their quest to be the only group qualified to treat mental problems.

Money and power. It must come down to this, which is why Benjamin Rush’s quote is so potent.

The undercover dictatorship is well established in America today

Even patients don’t have rights [2] anymore. When you see a psychiatrist, you are no longer protected [3] under confidentiality laws. Your mind and emotions will be subject to a diagnosis [4] of mental illness just for experiencing ordinary human feelings. Under this model, healing is not possible.

Routinely, psychotherapy, coaching, alternative health and nutrition are ignored or suppressed by psychiatry, even when all of these methods have shown considerable promise with the toughest mental illness. In the 1960’s psychotherapist Jay Haley was curing schizophrenia by using a model of family dynamics that is virtually lost to modern mental health.

Enlightened psychiatrist Abram Hoffer routinely cured depression and schizophrenia with niacin therapy and orthomolecular medicine. Reform psychiatrist Peter Breggin [5] often speaks of the relief his patients feel when he assures them that it is his intention to help them, not medicate them.

Psychotherapist Peter Michaelson [6] has preserved a suppressed psychoanalytic modality that points the way out of self-sabotage and preserves mental health like no other modality.

As for children and ADHD, even the toughest cases of ADHD have been cured with alternative medicine. If you doubt this, read the book, The Secrets to Recovery from Mental Illness [7], by Linda Santini. In this book, Linda tells her very personal story about how she helped her boys recover from severe mental health issues that included psychiatric hospitalization.

Mental health solutions are available, even for tough, lifelong problems, but you have to look beyond the medical [8] bureaucracy to the practitioners who actually have the skill to help!

It’s a tough one to accept, that the psychiatric medical establishment is not interested in true mental health and healing. It is counter intuitive for most good people. Yet, the horror stories speak for themselves. Thousands of lobotomies done with a ice pick. Tons of chemical lobotomies. New psychosurgeries developed routinely that literally burn brain circuitry. And all of it unnecessary.

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