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Fox’s Brian Kilmeade: ‘There’s just as many convoy attacks in America as there are in Iraq.’

Think Progress [1]
Wednesday, July 23, 2008

On the Brian and the Judge radio show today, Fox News host Brian Kilmeade presented his sunshine-filled vision of Iraq, declaring that “the Green Zone could come down in 6 months” and praising a new hotel to be built in Baghdad. His view was so optimistic he declared that there were “just as many convoy attacks” in the streets of America as there are now in Iraq:

KILMEADE: Do you think one of those people could have said, Barack, now that you’re sitting down here in a wonderful summer day, now that we understand that the green zone could come down in 6 months, they’re building– a five-star hotel’s been cleared to be built inside Baghdad, now that you understand that convoy attacks are down to 1 percent — that’s the same percentage that’s in America! I think there’s just as many convoy attacks in America as there are in Iraq–

JUDGE: Now let’s not get carried away. When’s the last time there was a convoy attack in America?

KILMEADE: Okay, fine. Can you roll with me for second?

Listen here: