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France Ready to Recognize al-Qaeda as Syria’s Legitimate Government

Kurt Nimmo
Prison Planet.com
August 28, 2012

France’s recently elected socialist president and Bilderberg stooge [1] François Hollande has told Syria’s CIA [2] and MI6 [3] run opposition to form a provisional government. Hollande said France would then officially recognize it as Syria’s legitimate government.

photoFrançois Hollande.

In February, the Director of National Intelligence, James R. Clapper [4], told the Senate Armed Services committee that al-Qaeda has “infiltrated” the Syrian opposition groups France boasts it will recognize.

“Strangely, the fact that Washington, in cooperation with its allies, is now sending [5] communication gear, military intelligence, and weapons to militias in Syria with considerable – and growing – ties to al-Qaeda has not made the Obama administration blink,” John Glaser [6] wrote in July.

Glaser mentioned a supposed “vetting process” that avoid arms ending up in the hands of al-Qaeda and Islamic extremists, “but the process is made up of untrustworthy, third-party sources and intelligence officials have recently told the Washington Post [7] and the Los Angeles Times [8] that the truth is that the US doesn’t know [9] who is getting the money and weapons.”

In fact, there is plenty of evidence that the CIA trained, armed, funded – to the tune of $3 billion [10] – and supported Osama bin Laden and what would ultimately become al-Qaeda.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton [11] recently admitted that the United States created al-Qaeda, although her admission was at best lightly covered by the establishment media.

The U.S. also supported al-Qaeda in Libya [12] prior to the murder of al-Gaddafi. Following the destruction of the north Africa country, Libya’s transitional ruling authority agreed to send weapons and fighters to Syria [13] to assist the Free Syrian Army.

“Under Bush and Cheney, the alleged presence of al-Qaeda was used as a pretext for bombings and invasions,” historian Webster Tarpley [14] wrote in 2011. “Under Obama, an overstretched and moribund US-UK imperialism is using al-Qaeda as its own irregular infantry in the effort to harass and cripple the nation-states of the world, causing them to disintegrate into a tribal, sectarian, criminal, and warlord chaos. In the current phase, al-Qaeda has resumed its original status as CIA guerrillas. As a result, civilization itself is threatened across vast areas of the globe.”