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French second home tax grab ‘unconstitutional’

Henry Samuel
London Telegraph [1]
Thursday, July 5, 2012

France’s decision to slap steep, retroactive social charges on British and other “non-resident” second home owners in France could be declared unconstitutional, a former French finance minister warned today.

Centrist Jean Arthuis said the new charge could be deemed unfair by the European Union as it imposes a “social contribution” on British home owner who will not gain all the benefits to which such a charge should entitle them
One opposition politician dubbed the measure a “250 million-euro lie” on the part of President François Hollande’s Socialist government, as it had specifically pledged not to raise taxes for non-residents in its electoral programme.

The comments came as some property insiders warned the tax could drive British home owners already struggling with unfavourable exchange rates out of France.

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