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Fresh chaos in Greece as no political party wins enough votes to form a government

UK Daily Mail [1]
May 7, 2012

Greece was plunged into fresh political chaos today after no party emerged with enough votes to form a government following yesterday’s election.

The Greek stock market plunged 7.7 per cent in early trading after the two main parties suffered heavy losses at the ballot box.

The neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn secured 7 per cent of the vote and will be given 21 seats in parliament.

If a government committed to continuing the austerity measures cannot be formed, then the future of Greece’s euro membership, and the fate of the currency itself, could once again be at stake.

The country faces days of political uncertainty as the two current coalition partners – conservative New Democracy party and Socialist Pasok – scramble to form a coalition.

They are set to fall two seats short of an overall majority.

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