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Friends, Defense Say Teenage Portland Patsy Set-up by FBI

Kurt Nimmo
November 30, 2010

Mohamed Osman Mohamud, the Portland, Oregon, teenager was groomed and talked into a plot to detonate what he thought were six 55-gallon drums of explosives in a van, according to friends and the young man’s defense.

Outside the courtroom, a man who has played basketball with Mohamud said the teenager wouldn’t have gotten involved in the plot without encouragement from the FBI, the Associated Press [1] reports. “If you talk with someone enough, they’ll be convinced they need to do something,” said 20-year-old Muhahid El-Naser. Inside the courthouse, public defender Stephen Sady was making similar arguments as he entered a not guilty plea on behalf of Mohamud.

Federal prosecutors, led by Obama’s top cop Eric Holder, insist Mohamud was a willing participant, had dismissed talk of backing out, and reveled in the prospect of killing Portlanders as they gathered to celebrate the lighting of a public Christmas tree. Holder defended the FBI sting, saying that once the undercover operation began, Mohamud “chose at every step to continue” with the plot cooked up by the FBI.

Holder and the Justice Department are pushing the absurd case and defending Mohamud’s entrapment because the government needs a steady stream of homegrown patsies and impressionable teenagers to argue for increasing the size and scope of the homeland police state.

On Sunday, a fire destroyed part of the Salman Alfarisi Islamic Center in Corvallis, Oregon. Mohamed Osman Mohamud had attended the mosque. FBI spokeswoman Beth Anne Steele in Portland said the arson fire seemed to be an attempt “to interfere with the civil rights of the members of the church to freely worship,” according to the UPI.

Anti-Muslim sentiment has increased exponentially since September 11, 2001, when we were told Islamic bad guys in remote caves planned and executed an attack on America.

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