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Frosted light bulbs to be banned by EU

Chris Jefferies
London Telegraph [1]
Sunday, May 10, 2009

Frosted light bulbs are to be phased out under new EU plans to force people to use more energy-efficient bulbs.

From September, retailers will not be able to buy in new stock of any type of opaque ‘incandescent’ bulb.

This includes the conventional 100 and 60 watt ‘pearl’ bulbs, as well as the more specialised frosted 25 watt and 40 watt bulbs which are shaped like candles and golf balls.



Clear 100 watt bulbs will also disappear from stores at the same time and shoppers will be forced to buy low energy compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) or low energy halogen bulbs.

Other clear bulbs which have low energy-efficient ratings will be phased out by 2012.

The introduction of the ban on frosted bulbs in less than five months time has led to criticism from retailers and consumers who claim the switch has been rushed and that the alternative low energy bulbs are inadequate and expensive. Some do not work with dimmer switches.

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