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Fukushima Update: Unit 4 Is Sinking … Unevenly

Washington’s Blog [1]
Oct 22, 2012

The spent fuel pool at Fukushima Unit 4 is the top short-term threat to humanity [2], and is a national security issue for America [3].

As such, it is disturbing news that the ground beneath unit 4 is sinking.

Specifically, Unit 4 sunk 36 inches right after the earthquake, and has sunk another 30 inches [4] since then.

Moreover, Unit 4 is sinking unevenly [4], and the building may begin tilting.

An international coalition [5] of nuclear scientists and non-profit groups are calling on the U.N. to coordinate a multi-national effort to stabilize the fuel pools. And see this [6].

Given the precarious situation at Unit 4, it is urgent that the world community pool its scientific resources to come up with a fix.