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Full 27-Hour Money Bomb Special Now Available For Prison Planet.tv Subscribers!

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Friday, October 15, 2010

Full 27-Hour Money Bomb Special Now Available
For Prison Planet.tv Subscribers!

The jam-packed 27-hour Money Bomb special featuring never before seen interviews with Paul Craig Roberts, Katherine Austin Fitts, Lord Christopher Monckton, Sherri Tenpenny, Jeffrey Smith, Rev. Clenard Childress, Alan Watt, and others is now available for Prison Planet.tv subscribers for download. In addition, the marathon show features a number of live guests, including Max Keiser, Gerald Celente, Webster Tarpley, and Paul Craig Roberts. Alex welcomes back the show former CNN host Lou Dobbs and New World Order researcher Alan Watt.

Continuing the money bomb marathon, Alex talks to Paul Craig Roberts about the crumbling state of the US economy. In the final two hours, Prison Planet editor Paul Joseph Watson fills in for Alex and welcomes economist Bob Chapman to talk about foreclosure-gate, the Obama administration’s efforts to seize private pensions, as well as austerity riots, gold and more.

Many people who viewed the continuous 27-hour stream said these were some of the best interviews ever seen! Get access to the entire 27-hour archive right now!

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