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Gaddafi thugs gunned down in cold blood by the Libya ‘good guys’ who ‘regard themselves as above the law’

UK Daily Mail [1]
October 25, 2011

On the lawn of a hotel garden next to the Mediterranean, the blackening bodies of 53 people lay decomposing.

Some had their hands bound together, and bloodstains and spent rifle cartridges on the grass indicated they had been summarily executed where they fell.

It was a scene from hell, but perhaps most chilling was the realisation that these were not victims of Muammar Gaddafi’s brutality.

Rather they were, the evidence would suggest, victims of the ‘good guys’, the supposedly democratic new friends of the West who have been ushered into power by Britain, France and the U.S.

For the bloodbath was in Gaddafi’s stronghold of Sirte, and although the perpetrators are unknown, triumphalist graffiti on the walls of the hotel proclaimed the names of five Misrata-based fighting groups.

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