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Gallup poll: Ron Paul trails President Obama by 2 percent

The State Column [1]
Aug 23, 2011

Texas Rep. Ron Paul trails President Obama by just 2 percentage points, according to the latest Gallup Poll released Monday.

The poll, which finds former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney and Texas Republican governor Rick Perry as the leading candidates to challenge Mr. Obama, shows Mr. Paul trailing Mr. Obama by just two percentage points, 47 to 45 percent.

Mr. Romney matches up to Mr. Obama the best out of the 2012 presidential candidates, challenging the president 48 percent to 46 percent while Mr. Perry ties Mr. Obama with 47 percent each.

“This push for true leadership over the status quo is gaining more support,” said Paul Campaign Manager John Tate. “In poll after poll, Americans are eager for real change and looking for a leader who stands for individual liberty and limited government, and who follows the Constitution.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Obama continues to face dismal poll ratings. Mr. Obama’s approval rating on the economy, the top election issue among registered voters, hit an all-time low in Gallup polling last week with just 26 percent approve of Mr. Obama, while 71 percent disapprove. His overall job approval stands at 40 percent.

Mr. Obama’s approval rating has been under scrutiny lately, hitting a new low last week at 26 percent.

The poll is the latest victory for Mr. Paul, who is coming off of a strong finish in the Ames Republican Presidential Straw Poll earlier this year. The Gallup poll is the second to show Mr. Paul in a statistical dead heat with President Obama. An earlier survey by CNN showed Mr. Paul as the leading contender for challenging Mr. Obama.

That said, Mr. Obama continues to lead in the generic, and beats Romney in key states. Gallup’s Election 2012 homepage shows the President opening a lead over the generic Republican. This is an improvement over the last series of polls, which found Mr. Obama trailing Republicans in key states, including Florida and Pennsylvania.