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Gene code mapping ‘for all babies within 10 years’

Mark Prigg
UK Daily Mail [1]
Monday, Feb 9, 2009

Every baby could have its genetic code mapped out at birth within 10 years, a process which will predict conditions such as diabetes and heart disease and help prevent them.

Jay Flatley, head of leading genome company Illumina, predicted a revolution in healthcare after the complete DNA read-out for every newborn becomes a technical reality. He said only social and legal issues would delay the process.

But with many people reluctant to have their genome read for fear it could be used against them by employers or insurance companies, the process is expected to raise difficult questions over privacy.

The plummeting cost of technology has made genome screening for all patients a real prospect. Some services are already available to customers for around £700 with the whole genome mapping-out process costing £70,000.

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