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General Election 2019: UK Parliament Approves Snap Vote on Fourth Attempt

Breitbart [1]
October 30, 2019

Britain’s members of Parliament have voted for the nation to have a snap general election, its third in less than five years, on December 12th.

The vote on Tuesday night was the fourth opportunity put before Parliament to approve a snap election, but others had been defeated or withdrawn amid refusals to face the electorate by the opposition and wrecking amendments.

After the government won a vote to have the election on December 12th, not the 9th as preferred by the opposition, MPs voted 438-20 in favour of having a general election. Amusingly, the choice of date now means the leaders of Britain’s political parties will learn their fates on Friday 13th — another inauspicious date to follow the failed Halloween Brexit of October 31st.

The bill will now go to the House of Lords, the revising chamber, where it will be reviewed before becoming law, firing the starting gun on the winter 2019 general election campaign.

Assuming there are no further roadblocks preventing the bill from passing, Britain will have its first December general election since 1923 and the first winter election since the 1970s. The winter is generally avoided for elections as bad weather can discourage voters from going to the polls, and makes the business of campaigning — which often involves sustained periods outside, knocking on doors canvassing.

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