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George Monbiot’s denial fantasy tweet

Watts Up With That? [1]
July 2, 2011

UPDATE: About an hour after this story was posted, Monbiot backs down, see below. – Anthony


Sheesh, can’t these people read? I find the timing of this more than coincidental.

George Monbiot tweets:

Secret funding of climate change deniers exposed again: bit.ly/m6Yjlp [2]. Key issue here is that interests never declared.

Soon and Balliunas 2003:

Acknowledgements. This work was supported by funds from the American Petroleum Institute (01-0000-4579),…


Paper here [3] (PDF)

here’s the full acknowledgment:

Acknowledgements. This work was supported by funds from
the American Petroleum Institute (01-0000-4579), the Air
Force Office of Scientific Research (Grant AF49620-02-1-
0194) and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration
(Grant NAG5-7635). The views expressed herein are those of
the authors and are independent of the sponsoring agencies.
We have benefitted greatly from the true and kind spirit of
research communications (including a preview of their
thoughts) with the late Jean Grove (who passed away on January
18, 2001), Dave Evans, Shaopeng Huang, Jim Kennett,
Yoshio Tagami and Referee #3. We thank John Daly, Diane
Douglas-Dalziel, Craig and Keith Idso for their unselfish contributions
to the references. We also thank the Editor, Chris
de Freitas, for very helpful editorial changes that improved
the manuscript. We are very grateful to Maria McEachern,
Melissa Hilbert, Barbara Palmer and Will Graves for invaluable
library help, and both Philip Gonzalez and Lisa Linarte
for crucial all-around help.

There’s been a swarm of such news items happening this week in an attempt to discredit climate skeptics. ICCC6 is getting some press, and in response these claims of “secret” get circulated. How transparent. The other LOL is from washed up science writer David Appell (who runs an angry blog called Quarksoup) expressing “being stunned” [4] that WUWT readers haven’t denounced a supposed recent death threat that occurred in Australia 5 years ago that was “repackaged” for the present. Trouble is, the press is onto the scam [5].

Monbiot also tweets:

Is there a single prominent denier who won’t turn out to have been funded by an oil or coal company, or by the Koch brothers?

Well I once had a Shell Oil credit card for which I got cashback credits on purchases, so I guess that makes me guilty.

Bishop Hill quips [6]:

Now obviously there’s a bit of Monbiot “puff” going on here, but I think we should look on this enthusiasm for disclosure of conflicts of interest as an area in which widespread agreement should be possible.

Perhaps George would like to consider a joint call (a) for the IPCC to activate its COI policy for all AR5 working groups with immediate effect and (b) for climate journals to require disclosure of conflicts of interest in the way that medical journals do. I’ll write and ask him.

How about it Monbiot? Goose, gander, and all that.

h/t to reader PaulM