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‘George Orwell would be proud’: US Defense Secretary calls China a ‘21st century surveillance state’ for using AI to monitor and repress Muslim and pro-democracy groups

Daily Mail [1]
January 27, 2020

US Defense Secretary is calling China a ’21st century surveillance state,’ following the ramp up personal surveillance in Xinjiang over recent years.

Mark Esper said on Friday that China’s Communist Party had created a surveillance state that uses artificial intelligence to repress Muslim minorities and pro-democracy demonstrators.

‘In fact, the party has constructed a 21st century surveillance state with unprecedented abilities to censor speech and infringe upon basic human rights,’ he added.

‘George Orwell would be proud.’

China says Xinjiang is its internal affair, and the issue there is not a religious or ethnic one, but about preventing terrorism and separatism.

The country has faced an outcry from activists, scholars, foreign governments and U.N. rights experts over what they call mass detentions and strict surveillance of the mostly Muslim Uighur minority and other Muslim groups who call Xinjiang home.

‘As we speak, the Communist Party of China is using artificial intelligence to repress Muslin minority communities and pro-democracy demonstrators,’ Esper said during a speech in Washington.

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