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Georgian military build up, bully on border with South Ossetia: Russian MFA

Regnum [1]
Wednesday, September 3 2008

While operational situation in the zone of the Georgian-Abkhazian conflict is relatively stable, this cannot be said of the situation in South Ossetia, REGNUM correspondent cites Russian General Staff report voiced by Russian Foreign Ministry’s official representative Andrey Nesterenko at a briefing in Moscow Sep 2. Nesterenko informed the media about activity of Georgian military near the South Ossetian border. Georgian military equipment is being concentrated at the border, Georgian military command continues restoring combat effectiveness of its troops.

Citing Russian military data, Nesterenko mentioned an incident that occurred Sep 1, 2008 near Russian peacekeepers’ station near Karaleti settlement. He explained that the Georgian side performed provocations against the Russian peacekeepers. He suggested that the incident was specially organized. The Foreign Ministry official commented that such action does not help stabilize the situation in the region.

Nesterenko also commented on the fact of reinforcing NATO group of warships near the coast of Georgia. He quoted figures about the force: it is now comprised of two US warships and three more ships: of Poland, Spain, and Germany. He pointed out that, according to international agreements, only three Black Sea NATO member countries — Turkey, Romania, and Bulgaria — have a right to advance as many vessels as they want to other Black Sea countries’ coast, being the Black Sea coastal states.