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German government forced to hand over secret documents that exposed euro flaws – before they became a reality

UK Daily Mail [1]
May 9, 2012

The German government has been forced to hand over hitherto secret documents that expose the flaws of the euro – and the misgivings of European politicians – in the years before it became a reality.

Der Spiegel news magazine made a successful request for the release of the euro files at a time when the odds on Greece quitting the common currency within 18 months rise to 75 per cent and the chances of a complete shattering of the eurozone have never been higher.

Born in 1998 and introduced across the continent four years later, the euro was always a time bomb waiting to go off. Many of Helmut Kohl’s aides had huge doubts at the time – and pinpointed Italy as the weakest link.

‘The documents from the Kohl administration, kept confidential until now, indicate that the euro’s founding fathers were well aware of its deficits.

And that they pushed ahead with the project regardless,’ said Spiegel when it broke the news of the great euro con trick on the people of Europe today.

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