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Glenn Beck Says ‘Solid’ Ron Paul Could Be Candidate, Just Needs To Escape ‘Crazy’ Supporters

Jon Bershad
Mediaite [1]
January 12, 2012

Earlier today, Glenn Beck [2] made a call-in appearance to the radio show that holds his name. Bed-ridden thanks to a back injury [3], Beck had to be clued in on the show’s goings on by his usual co-hosts Stu Burguiere and Pat Gray.

After Beck exclaimed admiration for Ron Paul’s speech last night [4], Gray and Burguiere let him know that they’d had a Paul fan call in earlier on the show who wanted to start talking about the Elders of Zion and Jewish conspiracies.

All three hosts agreed that this type of fan would be Paul’s big obstacle going forward.

To begin with though, everyone on the show couldn’t help but point out that yesterday was a really good day for Ron Paul. Beck described Paul’s speech thusly:

“I’ll tell you, if Ron Paul was that solid all the time, like on his foreign policy – if his foreign policy made any sense – Ron Paul would be the nominee. Even the way he talked about his foreign policy, it made sense. Until you get into it, until you really get into it. But what he said last night was great. What he said last night on the Fed, what he said last night on monetary policy was unlike any other politician out there. It was a great speech. You should really go back and watch it. It was a great speech.”


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