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Global Warming Causes Massive Drop In Death Rates, Opposite of IPCC Predictions, Peer-Reviewed Study Confirms

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Nov 24, 2010

Read here [1]. Empirical evidence continues to accumulate that a warming climate will save lives by making cold weather seasons less cold and thus less dangerous to health. UK death statistics reveal that for every additional summer death due to increased warming, the warmer winters saved 29 lives each year – a huge net benefit.

These findings are totally contrary to the latest IPCC predictions:

“The authors write that “the IPCC AR4 states with very high confidence that climate change contributes to the global burden of disease and to increased mortality…”

“Christidis et al. extracted the numbers of daily deaths from all causes from death registration data supplied by the UK Office of National Statistics for men and women fifty years of age or older in England and Wales for the period 1976-2005…..they compared the death results with surface air temperature data that showed a warming trend during the same three-decade period of 0.47°C per decade…..the three scientists report that if no adaptation had taken place, there would have been 1.6 additional deaths per million people per year due to warming in the hottest part of the year over the period 1976-2005, but there would have been 47 fewer deaths per million people per year due to warming in the coldest part of the year, for a lives-saved to life-lost ratio of 29.4, which represents a huge net benefit of the warming experienced in England and Wales over the three-decade period of warming.” [Christidis, N., Donaldson, G.C. and Stott, P.A. 2010.]

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