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Global Warming Enforcement: The New Segregation

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SUV drivers made to park at the back of the store like black people on buses

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Government fueled alarmism about global warming – which has not occurred in the last 10 years nor will it occur in the next 10 years – is accelerating the creation of new forms of malthusian control over our lives, with the ultimate goal of identifying those who don’t submit to the whims of the climate cult as second class citizens and enforcing a new manifestation of 1950’s style segregation.

The image at the top of this story is from an Office Depot outlet in Austin, Texas.

People who drive those evil life-giving gas, plant food spewing, SUV’s are forced to park further away from the entrance to the store as a kind of collective societal punishment for not conforming to the green agenda.

Gas guzzlers have to park around the back – sort of like black people had to sit at the rear of buses during segregation.


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The signs going up coincide with an increase in incidents of attacks and tire slashings on SUV’s by a militant group of morons, not too dissimilar to Chairman Mao’s “Red Guard” thugs during the Communist revolution, let’s call them “Green Guards”, who think they are changing the world when in actual fact they are doing the bidding of their corporate masters and megalomaniacs, who have publicly announced their plan to use global warming alarmism as a means of tightening the screws on our freedoms and ultimately eliminating us altogether.

Click for enlargement.

Meanwhile in California, all new cars from 2009 will be forced to display both a smog score sticker and a carbon emissions score sticker, rating the vehicle between one and ten for both categories.

The consequences of daring to drive a vehicle that emits the same gas that humans exhale are likely to be greater than merely extra layers of taxation and inconvenience. Now that you are mandated to display your equivalent to the yellow star that Jews had to wear in Nazi Germany, you can expect to be scorned and vilified at best and you or your car physically attacked by the “Green Guard” at worst.

In the UK, a proposal to set up a form of rationing to forcibly restrict how much energy people could use, by assigning “every individual a quota of carbon credits, which they would need in order to buy heating or vehicle fuel, electricity, or other things deemed under the scheme to cause carbon emissions,” was briefly circulated but shot down – though the plan is likely to return at a future stage.

Advocates of man-made global warming like to silence any form of debate by claiming that any form of dissent is akin to holocaust denial, yet the agenda that they support, and one that is being enforced by governments with increasing vigor and disregard for fundamental rights of mobility and privacy, bears all the hallmarks of a fascist putsch.

As Brendan O’Neill writesin his excellent Guardian article, “In the current debate on liberty, we hear a lot about the attack on our democratic rights by the government’s security agenda, but little about the grave impact of environmentalism on the fabric of freedom. It seems to me that green thinking – with its shrill intolerance of dissenting views, its deep distaste for free movement and free choice, and its view of individuals, not as history-makers, but as filthy polluters – poses a more profound threat to liberty even than the government’s paranoid anti-terrorist agenda.”

“Liberty – true liberty – requires that people see themselves as self-respecting, self-determining subjects, capable of making free choices and pursuing the “good life” as they see fit. Today, by contrast, we are warned that we are toxic, loaded, dangerous specimens, who must always restrain our instincts and aspire to austerity. This is not conducive to a culture of liberty; indeed, it represents a dangerous historic shift, from the Enlightenment era of free citizenship to a new dark age where individuals are depicted as meek in the face of more powerful, unpredictable forces: the gods of the sea, sky and ozone layer,” he concludes.

This article was posted: Wednesday, July 16, 2008 at 4:34 am

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