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Global Warming Researchers Cancel Trip Due to Severe Ice

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“Climate change” a globalist-driven scheme to weaken US economy

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June 13, 2017

A team of “global warming” scientists were forced to cancel an Arctic trip due to “extreme ice conditions,” which highlights how the advocacy against “man-made climate change” is actually a globalist scheme to weaken the US economy.

Credit: Canadian Coast Guard / Flickr

The group of 40 scientists were onboard the CCGS Amundsen, a ship known for its icebreaking capabilities, but this time the ice proved too thick for the ship to break through safely.

“Their trip began May 25 in Quebec City, but due to bad ice conditions off the coast of Newfoundland, the icebreaker was diverted from its course to help ferries and fishing boats navigate the Strait of Belle Isle, said David Barber, a climate change scientist at the University of Manitoba and leader of the Hudson Bay expedition called BaySys,” reported CBC News. “Thick, dense ice had travelled to the area down from the High Arctic, said Barber, which caused unsuspecting boats to become stuck and even take on water.”

Barber, of course, claimed “man-made climate change” reduced the thickness of the ice, causing it to float southward, yet the Environment and Climate Change Canada seems to have unintentionally contradicted this claim.

“Typically there would be very little or no ice left in either of these areas at this time of year, let alone the thick ice pack we are currently seeing off the northeast coast of Newfoundland,” a spokesperson for the agency stated, with emphasis added.

If the ice was thick enough to stop a ship designed to break through ice, then how could it be thin enough – and mobile enough – to make it that far south?

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Something doesn’t sound right here, but that isn’t too surprising given it’s typically politicians and government-funded scientists who are pushing the whole “climate change” narrative as part of a globalist agenda to control a nation’s energy output and thus its economy.

The globalists don’t want independent nation-states with strong economies; they want unelected, super-regional governments like the EU consisting of member-states that are subordinate to the globalist-controlled economy driven by multinational banks and other unelected global bodies.

And that’s why the globalists are pushing “man-made climate change:” it gives them the “justification” to push “carbon currencies” which artificially cap the economic output of a nation.

Case in point, the Paris climate accord President Trump backed the US out of was designed to weaken the US economy while giving unfair advantages to India and China.

As researcher Patrick Wood noted in his book Technocracy Rising:

“Forces are already at work to position a new carbon currency as the ‘ultimate solution’ to global calls for poverty reduction, population control, environmental control, global warming, energy allocation and blank distribution of economic wealth. Unfortunately for individual people living in this new system, it will also require authoritarian and centralized control over all aspects of life, from cradle to grave.”

To sum it up, the globalists harp the dangers of “man-made climate change” (which they renamed from “global warming” once the data didn’t fit their agenda) to push for “carbon taxes” and “carbon currencies” that allow them to subjugate the US by impoverishing Americans through a new, technocratic form of colonialism.

As the 16th-century statesman Nicolo Machiavelli wrote:

“A prince does not spend much on colonies, for with little or no expense he can send them out and keep them there, and he offends a minority only of the citizens from whom he takes lands and houses to give them to the new inhabitants; and those whom he offends, remaining poor and scattered, are never able to injure him; whilst the rest being uninjured are easily kept quiet, and at the same time are anxious not to err for fear it should happen to them as it has to those who have been despoiled.”

This is a fascinating quote because it explains the motivations behind both “carbon currencies” and open borders.

“Carbon currencies” keep the population so poor that they’ll never effectively rebel against the globalists, but even if they could, they can’t because they are now a scattered minority in their own homelands taken over by welfare-dependent migrants who will never question authority.

This article was posted: Tuesday, June 13, 2017 at 5:32 pm

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