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Golden State – World On Fire

You Tube [1]
Monday, November 21, 2011

Official music video for Golden State’s single ‘World On Fire’.

Fast Fact: The video features http://infowars.com [2] Alex Jones’ photo as the face of a revolution behind the band as they call the world to action.

From the band that brought you ‘Bombs’ (End This War/The Ron Paul Song) “…’World On Fire’ is, according to James, “almost Biblical… there’s a stained glass window that is part of the Fabian socialist society. It depicts two men with hammers over their heads ready to swing down at this globe, this round ball that just came out of the furnace, this world on fire and they’re going to shape it the way they want to shape it. When the world’s on fire, will we be able to believe in each other?”